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Traffic Violations Kansas City, MO

While a speeding ticket or other minor traffic violation may seem like a simple thing to deal with, just paying that fine and sending in that guilty plea can have consequences that outweigh the benefits of "just getting it over with." These include insurance rates rising, as well as jeopardizing your license with points in Missouri or a moving violation in Kansas.With a simple speeding ticket or other minor traffic violation ticket, I can represent you and handle everything — you won't even need to appear in court. Contact me for Kansas City traffic violations lawyer David M. Lurie, today about your speeding or other minor traffic violation ticket so we can prevent or minimize any negative effects on your license. Call us at (816) 221-5900 today!

DUI Kansas City, MO

Even if this is your first DWI or DUI charge in Kansas City , and you are not a repeat offender, you still need an experienced DUI lawyer — one who deals with prior, persistent, chronic or aggravated offenders on a regular basis. Many attorneys can handle a first-time DWI/DUI offense, but there are fewer attorneys who are experienced in cases where people are facing charges for second or greater offenses. Many times, I have found that if even your first DUI isn't handled by an attorney who deals with prior, persistent, chronic or aggravated offenders (2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th, or 5 th or more offenses) on a regular basis, it can really limit the number of options when you get another DUI charge down the road. Because of the successful lobbying of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and other groups, penalties are much steeper than they used to be. Even first-timers are going to jail these days. For more information on what David M. Lurie can do for you, please give their office a call at (816) 221-5900.

DWI Kansas City, MO

David M. Lurie is one of the top attorneys’ office in Kansas City, MO. Their lawyers specialize in criminal defense and have a staff of various specialized individuals. If you need the services of a practiced DUI attorney, DWI attorney, or another type of criminal defense attorney, trust in this office that has served locals since 1977.The DUI lawyers and DWI lawyers of David M. Lurie are some of the best criminal defense lawyers in the area. Trust in these legal representatives for tireless DUI defense and DWI defense. Meet to discuss your case, today! For more information on what David M. Lurie can do for you, please give their office a call at (816) 221-5900. Clients can also go online to www.the-law.com to find a full list of their practice areas, helpful resources, and news about this firm.

Domestic Violence Kansas City, MO

Were you involved in a heated argument with your spouse or some other person you know? Were the police called out to your home? Have you since been charged with domestic violence? If you are facing conviction for domestic abuse, you are likely scared and unsure of how this will affect you in your future. I see my job as working hard to mitigate, or minimize, any potential consequences you might be facing. I am Kansas City domestic violence lawyer David M. Lurie, and I have been providing strong representation to clients in Missouri and Kansas for more than 45 years. I understand that sometimes good people make bad decisions. I will do everything I can to help you get beyond this situation. As soon as you learn you will be charged or if you have already been charged, contact my law firm in Kansas City or Lee’s Summit to learn exactly how I can help you.

Trespassing Kansas City, MO

I defend clients against trespass, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace charges throughout Missouri, but many of these instances occur in the bars and taverns of the Kansas City Power & Light District, local casinos and the various event centers in Missouri, including Arrowhead Stadium, Kauffman Stadium, the Sprint Center and other venues. If you have been charged with trespass, disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace, it is important to do everything possible to either fight or mitigate against these charges. The fines and other penalties can have negative implications on your life, along with the damage that a conviction can have on your permanent record and public image. You need strong, strategic defense from an experienced criminal defense attorney like me, David M. Lurie. I have had a good deal of success defending against these charges in my 45-year career as a criminal defense lawyer. I have a wealth of experience helping prosecuting attorneys understand the good reasons for lessening or even dismissing the charges. I take time at the beginning of each case to listen to the client, determine the best strategy for defense and find ways to present them in a positive light to the prosecuting attorney to make the best defense possible.

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